Friday, June 21, 2013

A school walk

We went on a walk around our school.
We went to the Kitchen Garden and looked at the plants growing. Our broad beans have grown. We also had a taste of the mint leaves. Some of us liked the taste and other people didn't like it.

We went down to Putikitiki and looked at the Nature Trail. We checked on the big tree that had fallen down. Tyson thought the big trees looked like slides.

We loved walked through the long grass. It was squishy and soft.

We checked on the butterfly garden too. We saw a caterpillar on the swan plant. Taine said that the caterpillar needs a jacket because it is cold.


Thank you Analise and Vahoi for helping Anna to take photos today.


  1. We have been looking at your photos, thank you for sharing.

    We like your caterpillar, it made us think of our caterpillars, but we don't have them any more because they turned into butterflies.

    We also like your penguins and your turtles.

    From Room 2 TPS

  2. Do you have caterpillars this year? I have lots of Monarch butterflies in my garden at present. And lots of eggs on the swan plants but not many caterpillars as the wasps are eating them. :(

    I'm in Blockhouse Bay, Auckland. I'm the Butterfly Lady.