Monday, March 25, 2013


Room 4 is loving being able to Skype other classes around New Zealand.
We Skyped Room 2 at Maraekakaho School. They have a great blog where you can check out their learning. We loved dancing with Room 4 over Skype.


We also Skyped another Room 4! We thought that was really funny but they are Room 4 at Te Kauwhata Primary School.

We found out some things that are the same at our school and some things that are different. The other Room 4 have to wear a uniform and we don't. We both have Kitchen Gardens at our schools.

I like Skyping Room 4.
By Carmelo

I like Skyping Room 4. It was fun.
By Kredenz

I like Skyping. We skyped Room 4 and Room 2.
By Taine

I like Skype.
By Boston, Darryl, Shanil and Katie

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  1. Hey Room 4

    It was so cool to skype you the other day. You all spoke so clearly and were very friendly. We are looking forward to skyping again in the future, to see what awesome learning you have been up to.

    Pascal and Room 4 TKP