Thursday, March 28, 2013

Harvest Festival

The harvest festival was yummy because we got to try heaps of food.
It was fun because we were with lots of other classes.
There were silverbeet rolls and roti. 
We ate sunflower seeds. They tasted like peanut butter. 
There was a chilli tomato sauce with flat bread. It was spicy.
There were beans as well.
There was lettuce and tomatoes. We ate the tomatoes with our hands.
We even got to taste potatoes.


  1. The food was healthy. Korey

  2. All the food looked yummy. Amelia R5

  3. Did you enjoy the harvest festival.
    From Meeha rm11

  4. All the food looked tasty i bet evrey one had fun there.

    Yusu frm11

  5. All the food loked so yum and delicous. what was that event for? can you answer that queistion because i really want to know if it was easter or was it was a very special persons birthday but if it wasent eany of the things i said i hope use guys had a very special time. saunoa
    hay park school

  6. I loved the harvest festival all that food was yummy.
    From Phlillip