Monday, July 16, 2012

New learning space

When we came to school this morning there was a blue mosquito net over one of the bean bags.
Anna didn't say anything to us about it but look how we used it today.

We think we can use this space when we use the iPod and maybe we can use it when we draw.
We also think it could be a good space to talk with each other.
Anna got this idea from Mrs Laburn and Room 3 when she visited them at Point View School in Auckland. You can have a look at their great blog Kids with a View.
Thank you to Ms O'Neil who gave us the mosquito net.  We think it is so awesome to share.


  1. Oh, how sweet. It looks very peaceful in that net. We want to be in that net. (Hope it isn't too small.) It looks comfy. Do you like being in it?
    Angel and Rebecca
    Room 8

    1. We love our net. We squashed in 7 people but it is too squishy. We think 3 is the best. 4 people is okay if you are just talking. You should come and visit us Angel and Rebecca.
      From, Room 4

  2. Hi Room 4. I Iike your net. It is a lovely blue.
    Tayla-Jay room8

  3. Hi Room 4 kids,
    What a great idea! I really like cuddling up in a comfortable place to read my books too. I imagine that you feel a little bit special when you are inside because looks a little bit magical!
    Do you have any other special reading spots in your room?
    From Ms Dowling and KD

  4. Hi Anna's Amazing Learners
    I like your new learning space.
    We use our learning space for ipads, ipods, laptops and we also
    use it for doing reading we really like our learning space. Do you?
    What is the best part of having a learning space in your classroom?

    1. What a great questions Ashira!
      We like our net....
      - to read in it
      - we like the colour
      - we like to talk in there
      - it is quiet in there
      - it is warm because it is right next to the heater
      - it looks beautiful
      - we like to lie in it
      - we think it looks cool

      From Room 4

  5. We use our learning space for ipads, ipods, reading and laptops.
    It's cosy too, 5 people can fit when it is not squashy.
    How many people can fit in your learning space when it is not squashy?
    The people look so comfortable!!!
    Do you like your new learning space?
    It does look a bit magical!!!

    From Kids With A View Zana and Gina.