Wednesday, July 11, 2012


On the last Friday before the holidays we had a great concert at school. Our talented GLEE group performed for the whole school. They were fantastic.
 Take a look at the video of their singing and dancing. If you watch to the very end you will also see some great dancing and singing by Room 4. 

Glee June 2012 - Medium from Ham East on Vimeo.


  1. Wow, I really enjoyed watching your school's GLEE Group singing and dancing especially the second girl - she can really sing! What made my day was watching you Room 4, dancing and singing to 'One Direction'. You rock Room 4! I see the girls especially enjoyed the fun!

    The Junior school at PVS have a dance group and they have been practising and practising their dance routine, which just happens to be to 'What makes you beautiful'. They are getting ready to perform at the Eastern Suburbs Dance Festival. Sienna, Neeve, Orlando, Aryaan and Benny from Room 3 are all in it and they have let us have a few sneak peaks at their dancing - we think it's going to be awesome!
    Would you like us to post it on our blog for you to see when they have polished it?
    Keep up the fun times!
    From Mrs Laburn kids with a view

    1. Mrs Laburn that would be so cool if you could film your class dancing. If it isn't too tricky maybe we could learn the dance too.
      From Room 4

  2. I like your singing Room4. If I could sing like that it would be awesome.

    From Jack
    Room 10

  3. Wow! Room4 that was awesome. I think you can be in Glee next year!

    from Kelsey in Room10

  4. Cool singing and dancing room 4 from Rosie in room10

  5. I am spechless. I loved your dancing and singing.
    From TaylaT. Room 8