Thursday, June 21, 2012

Baby Charlotte

We had a visit from Jen and baby Charlotte. They brought us some delicious mandarins from their garden.
We loved having a baby to visit us in Room 4.

We had a lot of questions about her. She slept for nearly the whole time she was in Room 4. Lucky we are so good at being quiet.
Here is some of our writing about our sleeping visitor.
The baby is sleeping. The children are happy.
By Abshir
I like the baby.
By Cruz
The baby is sleeping.
By Joey
Baby Charlotte poked her tongue. I love baby Charlotte.
By Katelyn
I am watching the baby wake up.
By Mia
I liked it when the baby was asleep.
By Chloe
Baby Charlotte is sleeping.
By Raedence

The baby is poking her tongue.
By Noah


  1. What a great learning experience for the students of your class. I love the photo's of the students with the baby at the start, they look very respectful.

    1. It was really hard not to touch Charlotte because she is so beautiful.