Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Looking after Nature

We went for a walk on our Nature Trail. 
When we got through the gate we could hear so many cicadas and we could even see some cicada shells up high on the trees.
When we walked along the path we were surprised to see lots of rubbish on the top part of the track. Anna told us that some of the Nature Trail helpers had collected a whole lot of rubbish just last week.
Look at all the rubbish we saw.

When we walked back to class we picked up more rubbish from all around the school.
 We want our Nature Trail area to be full of birds, insects and trees. We want everyone to put their rubbish in the right place.
Take a look at our video to help you remember what to do - 


  1. Thank you for the message . I hope we all remember what to do as our school looks amazing on these beautiful Autumn days , especially with all the rubbish in the correct place .

  2. We like your video Room 4. It taught us to put food scraps in the worm bin and plastic in the rubbish bin. Room 2

  3. Good job with this video. we will try to remember to put our rubbish in the bins and our food scraps in the worm bin in the future.

  4. Wow! It looks like all of you picked up a lot of rubbish. Since most of the rubbish has been picked up I wonder if more birds have turned up. The video was great because it was all about enviro and that is what our school is all about.
    From Tahniah rm10

  5. I like the way that you are caring for your school environment! It's great that you are helping other people at Hamitlon East know which bins to put food scraps and rubbish in. How much rubbish is there on the nature trail today?

  6. Haworth ReceptionMay 3, 2012 at 11:03 AM

    It is lovely to see how you are caring for your environment. I am sure that your work is making a difference to lots of people at Hamilton East and it also reminds all of the visitors to your site that they need to be careful with their rubbish too :)
    Is there less rubbish on your trail today? Lets hope that you continue to see more nature and less rubbish.