Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Letters for Rafiki Mwema

Room 5 looks very happy in this photo. That's because we are getting ready to send stickers and letters to Rafiki Mwema in Kenya. We know how much the girls love getting stickers and mail so we hope that our mail will make them happy. 

We walked across the crossing to the post box so we can send our letters to Kenya.


You can send stickers and letters to Rafiki Mwema too. 
Here is their address - 
Rafiki Mwema
P O Box 4298
East Africa

Room 5 would like to know if you do decide to get involved as we would love to know that we are sharing happiness.
If you would like to know more information please contact Anna. Her email address is on the left hand side of our blog or you can contact Rafiki Mwema.


  1. I like the tui. They have a beak. Tuis look different.
    By Veisinia

  2. I like posting stickers
    by Sam