Tuesday, September 2, 2014


We have our school Operetta coming soon at Hamilton East School.
Every class is going to perform on the stage. Our families can come and watch us too.
Rooms 5, 6 and 8 are performing together.
We are allowed to wear whatever colour we would like. But all our clothes need to be that colour.
Look at this photo to see what we mean - 
One person is wearing a purple top and purple leggings.
Another person is wearing a blue top and blue jeans.
The other person is wearing a dark blue top and dark blue jeans.

We would love it if all the kids in Room 5 could bring their Operetta clothes in a plastic bag with their name on it to school on Friday.

The following information about the Operetta is from the school newsletter.

All children will be involved in our school Operetta.Each child will perform in their class item.
There will be 5 performances:
Tuesday 16 September, 9.45 - Matinee for invited Preschools
Tuesday 16 September - Evening Performance 7pm
Wednesday 17 September - Matinee 1pm local schools, parents, Wilson Carlisle
Wednesday 17 September - Evening performance 7pm
Thursday 18 September - Evening Performance 7pm
Tickets for the Matinee and Evening Performances will be available at the office 1 September
Adults: $10
Children: $5
There is a safety limit on the number of seats allowed in the hall
and this will be strictly adhered to.
Attention Parents:
Children need to be at school by 6.30pm for evening performances.
All students are expected to attend all performances.
However we appreciate that this is not always possible. Please let the teacher know in advance if there is a performance your child is unable to attend.
All students will be held in classrooms and need to be collected from there
after evening performances.

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