Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Room 5 Seed Shop

Room 5 has a seed shop. You can buy seeds to grow in your garden. We have given every family at our school a notice with the seeds that they can buy from our shop. 
We are getting our seeds from Kings Seeds

Look at what the seeds can grow into....
Organic Pea Progress
Sunflower Golden Toasted
Organic Zucchini Black Beauty

We will use the money we fundraise to help our friends at Rafiki Mwema in Kenya and we might even buy things for our school and Kitchen Garden.
If you need a new notice or would like to know more come and see us in Room 5.


  1. I like the plants.
    they are cool.
    from Nicholas

  2. Room 5,
    What a wonderful idea. I love gardening. I am sure your families will love looking through the catalogue to choose seeds. Last year my favourite king seeds were heritage beetroot seeds. They were all colours and some of them even had stripes in them. We liked them best roasted whole when they were still quite small.
    Are you going to order some seeds to plant in your school garden?
    I think you are an amazing class to share your learning and your earning. I really loved visiting you all and would love to come back and see you again sometime.

  3. Hi. I wanted to grab some but I have no space in my garden and I did
    not get a chance check them out. I have a question.How much are they?

    From Zaheer R9

  4. mm... it looks like a very delicious cucumber to eat. by Daniel.Rm 9