Thursday, March 6, 2014

Our Farm Trip

We are at Jac and Jeff's farm.

The calves are drinking some milk. 
We had to be very quiet and sneak up so we didn't scare them.
Do you know we had to stand in the cow poo so we could watch the calves?

The milk tanker came to get the milk. It was quite noisy when they pumped the milk from the vat into the tanker.

Heidi took this photo in a paddock with the cows.
We got to walk in the paddock with lots of cows.
We walked in small groups so we could sneak up close to them.

Jac and Jeff have a dog called Keeley.
Keeley looks a little bit like a cow because she is black and white too.

There is also maize on the farm.

We sneaked through the maize all the way to Jac and Jeff's house
 so we could see the ......


We had a really fun time visiting the farm. We learnt a lot of stuff about cows and farming.
Thank you Jac and Jeff for an awesome trip.
Room 5 thinks you are amazing.

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