Saturday, December 10, 2011

Room 4 for 2012

School in New Zealand starts in February. 
I was lucky enough to meet some of the students who will be in Room 4 next year.
Look at those beautiful smiles!
We talked together.
We danced.
 We even went to the Kitchen Garden. 
We got to taste some lettuce that is growing in our garden.

I can tell already that Room 4 is going to have an awesome 2012 learning together.


  1. Hi Anna and the 2012 Room 4 kids,
    You look like you all had a great time together. What a smiley bunch! I especially liked the pictures of you all munching on your lettuce leaves fresh from the garden. We don't have a veggie garden like that at our school but I'm sure the boys and girls would love one. I wonder what other things you will grow in your garden next year? I can't wait until school starts in February so that I can learn more about your class and all the wonderful learning you do together.
    From Ms Dowling

  2. Hello Room 4,
    We look forward to checking back in February to see what fun things you do in your class. We are halfway through our school year and having lots of fun. We love dancing too. But we don't have a vegetable garden at our school.
    Mrs. Morrison and Division 21

  3. Hi there Room14
    What neat things you've been doing!!!
    I met your teacher at Learning@school and she showed me your blog.

    See ya
    Pete (Awakeri School)